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Peer mentoring services

Peer mentoring services are planned programs that follow specific guidelines with meetings and activities set to a prescribed schedule. Participants are matched according to gender, language, ethnicity, and the personal issues they need to address. A peer mentor can serve as a helping hand, a sounding board, and a referral service – providing support, encouragement, and information.  Skills & Training Network mentors are fully acquainted with our service policies; they can give support in developing ICT, English, Basic Skills, Employability Skills, and others,  etc. 

Each Peer Mentoring program 

Each Peer Mentoring program is unique and tailored to the needs of the trainee.  All STN mentors are familiar with our rules and procedures and if unsure of the circumstances can direct the novice to someone in authority who can properly address their concerns. 

We aim to combat loneliness. 

We aim to make a real difference for people who are struggling with the modern world’s many adversities.  We know that as we get older friends and relatives move on, loved ones pass away, our health can suffer and mobility problems make it hard to get out and about, stay in touch with people or form new friendships. This isolation inhibits communication, making it difficult to tell others that you are feeling lonely.  

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Our Accreditations 

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