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We are looking for highly motivated self-starters who are able to work on their own initiative. STN is currently seeking inspirational and multi-skilled volunteers

At Stand Together Network (STN), we recognise volunteering as not just a noble act of giving, but also as a pathway to potential employment opportunities and a stepping stone for career transformation.  

Our volunteering programs are thoughtfully crafted to offer a spectrum of roles and responsibilities. Whether your interest lies in teaching, administration, customer service, advising, counselling, advocacy, mentoring, finance, fundraising, or other areas, we have a position that aligns with your passion and skills. 

Our growing volunteer community, drawn from diverse backgrounds in the local area, brings a wealth of experience and skills to our organisation. We cater to a wide range of skill levels and experiences, ensuring there is a suitable role for everyone. 

We are constantly on the lookout for individuals who are driven by passion and talent. Your participation in our mission not only helps our beneficiaries in London but also allows you to be a part of impactful stories of success and change. 

Join our dynamic team of professional volunteers at STN and be part of making the impossible possible. Your journey with us promises to be enriching, both personally and professionally. 

Discover inspiring success stories from our volunteers. 

Join Our Team of Change-Makers at STN! 

The Benefits of Volunteering with Stand Together Network (STN)

Joining STN as a volunteer brings a multitude of rewards: 

Multilingual Volunteer Contributions at STN

At Stand Together Network (STN), our volunteers play a vital role in enhancing our services, particularly through our interpretation service. Many of our volunteers are bilingual, fluently speaking various community languages such as Arabic, Turkish, French, and several North African languages. This linguistic diversity greatly benefits our beneficiaries who may face language barriers. 

Additionally, as mentors, these volunteers are instrumental in helping our beneficiaries develop essential skills. They offer guidance in improving English language proficiency, navigating computer and social media platforms, and even preparing for the British citizenship exam. This multifaceted support from our volunteers not only aids in practical skill development but also fosters a sense of community and belonging among those we serve. 

We are in search of highly motivated, self-starting individuals capable of independent initiative. STN is calling for inspirational and multi-skilled volunteers to join our vibrant community. 

Our volunteer’s experience with us


Thriving with STN 

Stand Together Network (STN) values the following qualities in its volunteers: 

  • Patience and Listening Skills: Building trust with clients requires time and attentive listening.
  • Open-mindedness and Acceptance: Respecting diverse opinions and beliefs is crucial.
  • Communication Excellence: Engaging clients in conversations about a broad range of topics, including their aspirations, is essential.
  • Dedication: Regular availability is important, with a commitment to meet clients weekly.
  • Volunteer Work Experience: This enhances your skills and provides valuable work-related references. 

We seek volunteers who can commit to one day per week for a minimum of three months. However, we understand individual circumstances vary and are open to shorter commitments.

Volunteers must be over 18 years old. Those under 18 seeking work experience placements are encouraged to contact us for guidance.

We recruit throughout the year and operate on a rolling basis. We welcome applications from individuals who are passionate and driven. After submitting your application, our team will contact you. 

Volunteering with STN occurs primarily at our North London offices in Edmonton Green and Haringey. While some volunteers may work remotely, our office-based volunteers benefit from full team support. 

Basic proficiency in Microsoft Office and internet usage is necessary. Good written and spoken English skills are also required. If you possess additional skill sets, please inform us during your application. 

Ready to Make a Difference? Apply Now! 

Join our team of dedicated volunteers. Click here to access the STN volunteering application form. 

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