Skills and Training Network (STN)

Transforming People through Education, Employment and Enterprise

STN caters to beneficiaries living in London. We have a core professional team of enthusiastic, multi-skilled volunteers. STN are currently seeking volunteer teachers, mentors, carers, advocates and befrienders.

STN is looking for the following attributes:

  • Patience and good listening skills: it takes time to get to know the client and earn their trust.
  • Open-minded and accepting: you must value the opinions and beliefs of others.
  • Excellent communicator: you will talk to your client about a wide range of experiences and encourage them to talk about their ambitions.
  • Dedication: you must be available to meet your client every week.
  • Volunteer work placements will improve your work skills and provide work related references.

Do I need to have a particular skill?

We are looking for highly-motivated self-starters who are able to work on their own initiative. You should have a sound knowledge of Microsoft Office and the internet. You should have a good command of written and spoken English. Please check the list below for the roles we currently have available. If you have a particular skillset, or more than one – let us know!


When can I volunteer?

We recruit all year round and operate on a rolling schedule. We are always looking for talented people with passion and drive. Submit your application and we will be in touch.


Are there restrictions on who can apply?

Applicants must be over 18. If you are under 18 and looking for a work experience volunteer placement feel free to contact us for advice.


How long can I volunteer for?

The assignment period depends on the role – see individual job descriptions below. We are looking for an initial commitment of half a day per week for 6 months. This not a binding requirement and we do accept lesser time-frames. 


Where will my volunteering take place?

Skills and Training Network (STN) is based in North London. You will work from our offices with the full team in support. Some of our volunteers work from home.