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At STN, we are committed to supporting women in need, we operate in Enfield, Haringey and Islington but will support women living London-wide. Our focus is on addressing critical issues such as domestic abuse, homelessness, unemployment, gender discrimination and poverty. Most of our service users are women with Black or Minority Ethnic heritage. We empower them to overcome adversities by rebuilding their lives, to thrive and strive in a world free from abuse and inequality.

Women using our services often experience emotional, physical, economic and/or sexual abuse, which can be further compounded by inequalities, such as poor housing, no housing, low-paid employment, unemployment, inability to work or receive welfare support due to British status, inaccessibility to key services due to language barriers and gender discrimination including female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage.

Due to these complexities, we offer an array of bespoke services tailored to meet the unique needs of our community. This includes specialised advice, advocacy, counselling, volunteering opportunities, employability support, upskilling with financial and digital training etc., and/or assistance in setting up a small business.

Our aim is to assist people between age 18 to 65, to overcome their problem(s) and fully utilise their skills/abilities, being able to broaden their horizons and be confident and resilient.

Our Mission

We provide professional and comprehensive assistance, unwavering support, empowering racialised women facing adversities such as domestic abuse, homelessness, and unemployment. We are committed to equipping them with the necessary resources, support, and opportunities – including advocacy, mentorship, emotional help, career development, top-quality educational training, volunteering and job placement services – to help overcome these challenges, building a brighter future. We firmly believe that every woman deserves a life free from violence, have a safe haven to call home, and the opportunity to become financially independent.


Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every woman can live a life free from violence, the security of a stable home, and the means to support herself and her family. We envision a society where women are empowered, independent, and confident in their ability to overcome adversity, developing resilience to help themselves.

What We Do

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Join us in our mission to create a world where every woman feels safe, empowered, and valued. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, makes a tangible difference in the lives of these resilient women.

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Why Choose Us?

We are STN, a well-established grassroots charity that has been steadfastly serving for over a decade. 

Established by a varied assembly of women, encompassing a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds. 

We are a user-led, nurturing community. Annually, our services and courses make a positive impact on over 2000 service users. 

We use holistic and personalised, person-centred approaches to address and resolve the intricate needs of our service users. Our focus is on multiculturalism and primarily women in BAMER communities. 

We speak various languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, French, and different African Languages to cater to a diverse audience. 

We possess extensive experience in designing and implementing customised training programs, as well as bespoke support services and activities, for the local community. 

Our team, comprising qualified professional teachers, assessors, advisors, and advocates, brings together 60 years of combined experience in teaching, human resource and management. This wealth of knowledge ensures exceptional pastoral support in advice and training.  

STN is a charity organisation committed to equality. We firmly believe in providing everyone, irrespective of their background or education, with learning and other opportunities. Upholding a culture of respect and dignity, we interact with all individuals and staff. We also uphold strong connections with employers and local communities.” 

Our mission is to foster a secure, welcoming, and culturally diverse environment. Mindful of our clients’ needs, culture, identity, and goals, our team strives to deliver respectful and efficient services. 

We offer a variety of National Vocational Qualifications, accredited by numerous awarding organisations. These include AQS, City and Guilds, TQUK, Gatehouse Awards, Highfield, and the CPD Accredited Centre, among others. Additionally, we are actively seeking further accreditations to better cater to your specific needs and expectations. This commitment enables you to enhance your skills and earn recognised certificates. 

We provide flexible and high-quality services and training. Quality Assurance, designed to respond to workplace knowledge requirements, is the cornerstone of our delivery strategy. 

Our Beneficiaries

At the heart of our work lies a commitment to providing support within a framework that is safe, friendly, respectful, culturally sensitive, and free from judgement.

STN is renowned for its honest, open, and welcoming work environment. We extend our services to all, irrespective of their circumstances and abilities. Many of our participants forge strong bonds of friendship with us and often return as peer mentors, volunteers, counsellors, and ambassadors.

Established with the aim of serving the community, STN shoulders the responsibility of assisting disadvantaged individuals within local communities.

Our primary focus is on serving women and their families from BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, and Refugee) backgrounds.

We offer support to:

  • BAMER ethnic minorities groups
  • A victim of domestic abuse
  • Carers
  • Low skilled workers
  • Women, children and families
  • Homeless
  • Economically inactive groups
  • Single parents
  • People with special needs
  • New migrant
  • Long term unemployed
  • Young people NEET
  • Job seekers
  • Ex-offenders
  • Basically anyone needs support or wants to advance their skills
  • Asylum seekers and Refugees
  • Disaffected and disadvantaged people who face any barriers that hinders them to progress in their life
  • People with disabilities or mental health issues or elder
  • Those who are socially excluded because of cultural factors (e.g. religion, language barrier or health problems who might need encouragement to re-engage with their communities

Domestic Abuse Support

Our goal is to assist women who are victims of domestic abuse. We aim to help them find safe shelter, provide counselling, and offer guidance for legal assistance and advocacy. Our trained professionals create a nurturing environment that fosters healing. We empower survivors to break the cycle of abuse and rebuild their lives.

Homelessness Assistance

We assist women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. We strive to provide them with the necessary support to find immediate shelter, transitional housing, or secure permanent housing solutions. Our approach includes providing housing support, life skills training, and access to education and employment opportunities. These tools empower women to secure stable housing and rebuild their lives. By working closely with each individual, we aim to understand their unique needs and help them establish a pathway to independence.

Unemployment Relief

We believe that financial independence is key to breaking the cycle of abuse and homelessness. We have extensive experience in delivering a variety of tailored and bespoke employability programs. These include mentorship, skill-building workshops, job training, career counseling, and job placement services. These are all designed to assist unemployed individuals in overcoming challenges to secure meaningful and stable employment. Our ultimate goal is to enhance employability skills and foster financial independence.

Our Approach

At STN we operate with compassion, empathy, and a deep understanding of the complex issues our beneficiaries face. Our approach is rooted in dignity, respect, and the belief that every woman deserves a chance to thrive, irrespective of her past experiences or circumstances.

Our objectives

  • Our goal is to create a local community hub, envisioned as a comprehensive one-stop-shop for training and support services. We are dedicated to assisting every customer in the best possible way, catering to the unique needs of our diverse client groups. Our commitment is to maintain unwavering quality across all our services.
  • At the heart of our objectives is a commitment to continually improve our programmes and services. We employ innovative techniques in teaching and advising, tailored to effectively serve the communities and clients we are devoted to. We deeply value the perspectives of our beneficiaries and actively encourage their increased involvement and participation across all our programmes. Together, we strive to make a difference.
  • We are unwavering in our commitment to diversity and equality. We strive to foster a safe, healthy, and welcoming environment for all individuals, regardless of their social, economic, or personal circumstances. We believe in the potential of every individual and are dedicated to helping them reach their maximum potential. We respect and understand the diverse cultures within our community and ensure that these values are integrated into all our actions. Our goal is to create an inclusive space where everyone feels valued and heard.

Our Impact

Since our inception, we have helped countless women escape abusive situations, secure stable housing, and find meaningful employment. But our work is far from over. With your support, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of women in need.

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