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Would you like to give someone in need a Helping Hand?

Can you spare an hour a week to help someone who is lonely or isolated or to help change a life?

STN is looking for volunteer befrienders. These will be expected to spend time with someone who feels lonely and isolated for two hours once a week. The initial period that a volunteer is asked to commit is one year with one service user, but the support may continue beyond this. We do our best to ensure that our volunteers and their wards are matched according to mutual interests and preferences.

Ideally, befrienders should be pursuing a career in mental health care or have experience of working with people with mental health problems. The befriending service provides personalised companionship for people with dementia or their carers, either in their own home or with outings and activities in the community.

This could include:

  • support to continue hobbies and personal interests
  • support to participate in leisure and social activities
  • support to carry out regular activities such as shopping
  • general companionship
  • Do you enjoy a chat? Are you compassionate, patient and caring? Are you a good listener?
  • You will help people feel valued and part of their community.
  • You will receive training and learn new skills.
  • You can also help newcomers( mainly refugees and asylum seekers) to practice English, make new friends.

STN community programs provide a range of support actions; we aim to help people feel less socially isolated, to have more confidence and a greater sense of independence. Volunteers are essential to achieving these goals.


If you would like more information, to volunteer or know someone who would benefit from our services please get in touch.