*I attended Food and Hygiene and other courses, the course material was very good, I enjoyed the sessions, I learnt a lot from this course, I would recommend Skills and Training Network” A.G

“The course that I attended was explained clearly, the teaching was great and I enjoyed” A.A

“Now, I am able to use a computer without struggling, thanks for the support” J.W

“I liked the structure and pace of the courses, I am confidence using a computer, I’m not scared like before.” C.M

* ‘I learnt lots of useful skills; writing, and grammar and computer skills from the courses. I have a professional CV because STN helped me to write it.” A. Th

“The courses and services provided are great, which enabled me to socialise with other people from different background, gain the right skills for a future job, the learning is fun, inspiring and knowledgeable Staff”   M.H

“The course increased my confidence; I will join another course again next term with STN.”  S.H

“My English language has improved a lot and every time I learn new words, developed my speaking and conversation, and I liked grammar exercise “ Ch.B

“The whole course structure is excellent; I learnt lots of new information and skills.” K.M

“Definitely the basic skills such as English and computer/employability courses met my expectation tremendously, the whole programmes and courses are excellent, tutors are very helpful and supportive and I strongly recommend skills & Training Network”B.O

“This course encouraged me to return again to education, after I joined the course, I spent most of my time reading a lot and my confidence now is better than before. The level of the course is suitable to me, now I’m able to speak English easily and confidently, the tutor is very helpful, professional and very friendly.”Z.S

‘Thanks to the teacher, my knowledge of computers has increased beyond expectations’ T.F

“This course is very important to me. I want to change job so I need to improve my English. The teacher is very good and everyone is very friendly. I learn a lot, speak a lot and practice grammar.”F.H