Together we stand against domestic abuse.

Survivors say domestic abuse is escalating under the lockdown. 

Build trust

Encourage resilience

Reduce isolation

Our counseling and advocacy services aim to offer support in a difficult moment in our beneficiaries’ life and to ensure that our women and vulnerable people can:

Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them?

Access support by talking with us, or accessing support online to ensure they can still get the help they seek urgently.

Give them the opportunity to tell us about what they are experiencing?

Help them think through their safety options and provide suitable emotional support.

Defend and safeguard their rights.

Have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives.

Help and support is available

You are not alone, we here for you. STN will be doing everything we can to support you during this unprecedented and challenging time. STN aims to support and reassure you in a most difficult time.
Together against violence service aims to
* Offer general advice and advocacy
*Deliver in-house training, and awareness sessions
*work with professional advocates and counsellors
* STN works with trained bilingual advocates and professional advisors who will provide emotional and practical support to women experiencing various types of Domestic Violence and threats of Honour Based Violence. Women will be assisted to access safe housing, police protection and legal advice on non-molestation orders or injunctions.
*interpreting and translation services available in different language such as Arabic, French, Urdu, Bengali, Turkish, and others
* Awareness publications about domestic abuse
*Cross referrals to specialist services on the following
*Domestic Violence
*Mental Health (Counselling)
*Forced Marriage
*Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
*Honour Based Violence (HBV)
*Welfare Benefit claims
*Health and wellbeing

How we support?

Our contact details if you seek assistance and help

Don’t suffer alone, we always here to you help you.

Find out more information about domestic violence by visiting our blogs page ( click here)




Language and type of provision:


English, Arabic, French, Urdu, Turkish, and other community languages.

We offer  Community Services in the form of

Outreach-  Advocacy – IAG- Mediation- Peer Mentoring and Befriending


-Ways to reach out:


We offer community services through home visits, drop-in services, day centers with guest speakers, over the telephone, STN social media group, STN What’s App groups, by email, via leaflet/ newsletter, mail outs, and signposting.

Useful information from Women’s Aid’s Website ( click the link)


Ways to contact us


How To Register

If you need help to find out about the course booking or further information about the course, please call or email us.  Please fill the form.

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