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28 May 2019

We are about to start our annual customer insight survey. The survey, which is being conducted by IFF Research on our behalf, relates to your experience of our licence application process. IFF may contact you direct between Tuesday 28 May and the end of the survey in mid-June. We want your views on our services, what you like about our delivery, and how we can make things better. We will then analyse your feedback and take action to ensure that, where possible, we continue to meet customer needs and provide a modern and up-to-date service.​
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UK Security industry booming

ADS, the UK security industry trade association, released figures last month that show export growth for the industry is booming. The figures, collated annually, show that the growth is into double-digits: up 18% on 2015 and generating some £4Bn for the UK economy, a clear indication of the UK’s developing reputation.

With Europe, North America and the Middle East leading the export opportunities for UK businesses, some 44% of the industry’s turnover is now coming from exports. And with 60% of companies expecting further growth of more than ten per cent, the industry must look to capitalise on the new markets and developments. Over two thirds of the companies surveyed in the Outlook Report have identified North America, Latin America and the Middle East as key regions to focus on and that remaining competitive is vital in the tough international markets.

Access control systems, communications, and intruder alarm systems hold the top three export positions from the UK.

This development of the security export market is a clear indication that UK companies have an international reputation for agility and innovation, and are becoming increasingly relied upon to provide protection for people and businesses.

This reputation has developed through support from the Department for International Trade Defence and Security Organisation, for companies looking to for export opportunities, while close collaboration with the Home Office and Department for Transport has helped open up some major opportunities for specialist security companies in cyber, border and aviation security fields.

Paul Everitt, CEO of ADS Group, trade association for the UK security industry said: “The UK security industry is delivering public safety at home and is increasing demand abroad. Industry exports grew by 18% to £4 billion in the last year, providing a real boost to the economy. 
“The UK’s skills and expertise developed through delivering major international events and densely- trafficked transport systems is in high demand around the world. 
“The UK’s security industry saw total employment increase by five per cent to more than 121,000 high-value jobs.”

The updated figures have shown that the industry is growing year-on-year across all areas, with employment, wages and turnover all increasing and cementing the importance of the security industry to the UK economy.


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