Rising cost of living campaign

Our campaign aims to urge the Government to intervene to cap the increase the price of fuel and support vulnerable people. 

The cost of living crisis in the UK


It causes economic and social instability. It has a negative impact on vulnerable people.

Around 4 million UK households are in fuel poverty, unable to afford to live in a warm, dry home or cook their own food.

Millions of people across the UK are struggling to cover their essential household costs nowadays and the situation is getting worse and needs an urgent attention.

The rising cost of living is squeezing the incomes of millions of people across the country an disabled people.

woman calculating bills
man with overdue bill

The ‘cost of living crisis’ means we’re all paying a lot more for energy and food, and things like rent and fuel.

Consumer goods and energy prices pushing inflation higher

Millions of people across the UK are struggling, this simply is not right. If you are affected by the rising living costs, or worried about future rises, or you want to stand in support of those impacted, make your voice heard and write to your MP now or join our campaign.

What are people saying about this crisis

A lot of people are finding that wages, or benefit payment increases aren’t keeping track with these price rises.

* Some people are cutting back on how much they spend on food, or eating less, so they can pay for heating.

* Many people are falling into arrears, or using credit to pay for essentials, making the problem worse.

* Our beneficiaries face economic instability because of rising living costs.

* Low-income households spend a larger proportion than average on energy and food so will be more affected by price increases.

*  People are terrified of the next energy bills; shopping prices are increasing too.

* People aren’t earning enough to support themselves and buy food, or even pay for bills which are increasing by the minute.

*Food bank charities stated that people don’t want food that they have to cook, because they can’t afford to turn the gas and electricity on to cook it.

*People are demanding a price cap on energy

*living standards are dropping off the edge of the cliff.

*No money for equipment. People expressed that are socially isolated because they stuck at home, they unable to go out, No nights out and no fun.

Why does this matter?

The current cost of living crisis is worsening the economic and social position of Equity members, alongside many other working and ordinary people in the UK. As inflation reaches record levels, our wages simply haven’t kept up. As energy costs leave households out of pocket, oil and gas companies reap massive profits. And as increasing numbers of people and families fall into poverty, the Government response – or lack thereof – has been woeful.

This simply is not right. If you are affected by the rising living costs, worried about future rises, or want to stand in support of those impacted, make your voice heard and write to your MP now.


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