Our mission, vision, values and objectives

Our Values

Staff at Skills &Training Network are fully committed to providing services in a safe, healthy and friendly environment for all clients and employees. STN is a dedicated ‘people’ company. Everything we do is driven by relationships and our desire to help change lives for the better.

Our visions are simple.

To transform people’s lives through empowerment, education, employment, and enterprise and make learning more convenient.

To be a leading training & enterprise organisation delivering quality programs and services to fit local needs across London. Whilst maintaining professionalism and integrity at all times, we seek to understand the individual needs of our customers and staff, and can always be relied upon to ‘go the extra mile whenever circumstances dictate.

Our mission


Our mission is to help individuals, employers, and our community to succeed by providing high-quality education training, advocacy, mentoring, careers advice and guidance, outreach, job brokerage, and projects to support young people and adults and to help them to make the most of their skills/ abilities and expand their aspirations in life.

Our Objectives


We aspire to be “First class, First choice”

To develop our programs and services to better support the communities and clients we seek to serve

To strengthen our commitment to diversity and equality to ensure that our values are embedded in everything we do, and to promote a culture that values our staff, volunteers, and clients.

To strengthen our reach across North London and pan-London to ensure the development and future of the organisation.

To strengthen the delivery of our programs and services to meet the needs of our client groups and to ensure that the quality is consistent.

To maximise our resources and funds in the interests of promoting sustainable development, demonstrating corporate & social responsibility, and ensuring the future of the organisation.

Our Values and  Principles

STN is underpinning key values, principles, and beliefs in all its activities that promote the following;

Our Values

Inclusiveness and Respect for all

We are a warm, welcoming, and approachable organisation in everything we do. We strive to embed all aspects of equality, diversity, inclusion and care for every individual who is excluded or marginalised and is willing to learn and keen to achieve full potential regardless of social, economic, or personal circumstances. We aim to provide training and support services to cater to every learner while resources permit.


Visionary, inspirational and innovation approach to learning and integration

We believe the general health and wellbeing of local communities are crucial. Therefore, we engage with local organisations, services, and community groups regarding the delivery of innovative and quality training, mentoring, services, and employment opportunities, whilst always striving for continual improvement of our work. STN is striving to create a hub in the local community and one-stop-shop to provide comprehensive training to help every customer in every way.

Creative response to beneficiaries’ unique need, also employers and local community.

We believe that there are always new and innovative ways to solve problems and involve our beneficiaries in all our programs and activities that address their issues. This is can be achieved by listening to and respecting the views of our service users, stakeholders including staff, employers, and the wider community. We encourage our staff to keep their pulse on community needs and bring their ideas to their peers and supervisors for program development or adaptation.


Prevention is better than cure

Based on our experience we know that issues faced by individuals are multifaceted and interlinked, that is why, through our holistic approach, we are able to prevent future crises. STN works with individuals from different communities, identifying needs, issues and providing holistic and preventative support, advice, and advocacy services to avoid a future crisis, increase access to other services, promote independence, integration, and community cohesion, builds resilience, and improve the overall quality of life.


Collaboration and Partnership

People are at the heart of everything that we do. STN believes in teamwork and collaboration with stakeholders to define issues, and address problems and meet local communities’ needs and play a vital role in creating opportunities for all.


Transparency, accountability and openness

Our accountability is underpinned by honesty and transparency. We believe that STN must be an organisation that demonstrates the highest degree of accountability to our members, beneficiaries, our funders, and the community at large.


Celebrating excellence

We will ensure success for all our learners and increase aspirations and celebrate success and excellence.

We are proud that we maintain quality at the core of our delivery strategy.

Our principles

Our principle aims are to:

Create a hub in the local community as a one-stop-shop providing comprehensive training to help every customer in every way.

Apply innovative teaching methods while striving to continually improve our service.

Listen to and respect the views of our learners and promote increasing involvement and participation in all our programs.

Strengthen our commitment to equality, inclusivity, and wider learning for all; to serve a diverse and culturally rich local community and ensure that these values are embedded in everything we do.

Welcome anyone who is willing to learn and is keen to achieve their full potential regardless of social, economic or personal circumstances. We provide training to cater to every learner while resources permit.

Provide a safe, healthy, and friendly learning environment for our clients and employees, based on equality, respect, and understanding of different cultures in a diverse community.


STN strongly believes in community wellbeing. We have ongoing relationships with local employers, charity organisations, and care agencies; while interacting with other service providers and community groups.

We use these contacts to foster links between the communities we work with, believing this encourages cross-cultural unity.

Enjoying While Achieving

Our learners receive constant tutorial support. They will know their points of progress and what they need to do next. Feedback and target-setting with minimum and aspirational aims are used to motivate learners. Attendance, punctuality and all aspects of employability feature in the tutorial tracking process. Classes are taught in groups and students will create a personal portfolio during their course. Successful completion of the program will be partially based on the assessment of the portfolio.


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