Our aims and principles

Our principle aims are to:

Create a hub in the local community as a one-stop-shop providing comprehensive training to help every customer in every way.

Apply innovative teaching methods while striving to continually improve our service.

Provide a safe, healthy, and friendly learning environment for our clients and employees, based on equality, respect, and understanding of different cultures in a diverse community.

Welcome anyone who is willing to learn and is keen to achieve their full potential regardless of social, economic or personal circumstances. We provide training to cater to every learner while resources permit.

Listen to and respect the views of our learners and promote increasing involvement and participation in all our programs.

Strengthen our commitment to equality, inclusivity, and wider learning for all; to serve a diverse and culturally rich local community and ensure that these values are embedded in everything we do.


STN strongly believes in community wellbeing. We have ongoing relationships with local employers, charity organisations, and care agencies; while interacting with other service providers and community groups.

We use these contacts to foster links between the communities we work with, believing this encourages cross-cultural unity.

Enjoying While Achieving

Our learners receive constant tutorial support. They will know their points of progress and what they need to do next. Feedback and target-setting with minimum and aspirational aims are used to motivate learners. Attendance, punctuality and all aspects of employability feature in the tutorial tracking process. Classes are taught in groups and students will create a personal portfolio during their course. Successful completion of the program will be partially based on the assessment of the portfolio.