Our Policies 

Our Policies


Equal Opportunity

STN promotes inclusive and equal opportunity in everything we do at all times

We are dedicated to creating a working environment where equal opportunities to all learners, staff, and employers become the norm.
At STN, we aim to eliminate any barriers and are thoroughly committed to ensuring there every individual is given equal opportunities regardless of race, religion and beliefs, sex, age, sexual orientation, etc.STN commonly addresses clients subject to discrimination and thus is fully qualified and equipped in helping individuals succeed regardless of their background. At STN we frequently encourage and welcome people with disabilities and learning difficulties to participate in one of our training programs. Each program and service can be altered in order to meet every individual’s unique needs. If you have a disability or learning difficulty. we aim to create new aspirations and a greater sense of social inclusion in the communities to develop learners’ personal, economic and social status and to enhance the level of service given to their customers and clients. This is reflected in the success of our learners and the quantifiable improvements and benefits for their employers.

We achieve this by:

  • Corresponding with the beneficiaries before, in order to decide the best course and the support needed to complete it.
  • Promoting cultural diversity, equality of opportunity and environmental responsibility create opportunity for all
  • Having a real sense of community and team spirit
  • Embracing everyone for the individual that they are assessing your current capabilities and thus decide the areas to improve on for each individual.
  • Creating hope and give success to ALL learners and increase aspirations – irrespective of ability and individual learning needs.
  • Making people at the heart of everything that we do
  • Enhancing the life experience of young people and adults and help them expand their aspirations in life.
  • Designing and delivering unique solutions tailored to the individual to enable them to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals.

Quality Assurance

STN maintains quality at the core of its delivery and strategy using the following

  • Set targets for quality standards and share them with all staff and providers
  • Monitor performance against local, regional and national benchmark figures
  • Produce an annual Self-Assessment Report and share it with staff and providers
  • Produce an annual Quality Improvement and Development Plan and share it with all staff and providers
  • Monitor progress towards actions identified in the Quality Improvement and Development Plan
  • Identify and share good practices across our service
  • Identify a designated member of the Management Team with overall responsibility for the quality
  • Establish a Quality Improvement Group which will be responsible for monitoring performance within all aspects of the Quality Improvement Framework

We are committed to ensuring that each and every individual who is receiving our services or training programs is safe and protected from harm. In order to carry out this commitment,

In order to honor this commitment, STN ensures that:

• All our staff are fully trained in safeguarding customers including young people and vulnerable adults

• All visitors and staff from other organisations are appropriately monitored during visits to STN premises
All employers and work placement providers offer safe working environments to all our clients

Complaint Policy
COVID 19 Policy and procedure
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Policy
Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Policy
Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy Statement

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