Stand Together Network

Equal Opportunities 

Equal Opportunities

STN promotes inclusivity and equal opportunity in everything we do at all times. 

We are dedicated to creating a working environment where all learners, staff and employers are treated equally. 

At STN, we aim to eliminate any barriers and are thoroughly committed to ensuring that every individual is given equal opportunities regardless of race, religion and beliefs, sex, age, sexual orientation etc. STN commonly addresses clients subject to discrimination and thus, are fully qualified and equipped in helping individuals succeed regardless of their background. At STN we frequently encourage and welcome people with disabilities and learning difficulties to participate in our training programmes. Every service we provide can be altered in order to meet every individual’s unique needs. If you have a disability or learning difficulty. we aim to create new aspirations and a greater sense of social inclusion in the communities to develop learners’ personal, economic, and social status and to enhance the level of service given to their customers and clients. This is reflected in the success of our learners and the quantifiable improvements and benefits for their employers. 

We achieve this by: 

  • Corresponding with the beneficiaries before, in order to decide the best course and the support needed to complete it.
  • Promoting cultural diversity, equality of opportunity and environmental responsibility create opportunities for all
  • Having a real sense of community and team spirit
  • Creating hope and giving success to ALL learners and increasing aspirations – irrespective of ability and individual learning needs
  • Making people at the heart of everything that we do
  • Enhancing the life experiences of young people and adults to help them expand their aspirations in life.
  • Designing and delivering unique solutions tailored to the individual to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.

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