Our Beneficiaries

STN was set up to serve the community and we take the responsibility to help disadvantaged people in the local communities. STN is well regarded for its honest, open, and friendly working environment. We accept all comers regardless of their circumstances and abilities. Many of our participants become true friends and return to us as peer mentors, volunteers, counselors, ambassadors, thereby reinforcing our positive work and presence and make a positive social change in the community.

We offer support to:

BAMER ethnic minorities groups

A victim of domestic abuse




Low skilled workers


Women, children and families




Economically inactive groups

Single parents

People with special needs

New migrant

Long term unemployed

Young people NEET

Job seekers



Basically any one needs support or wants to advance their skills

Asylum seekers and Refugees


Disaffected and disadvantaged people who face any barriers that hinders them to progress in their life

People with disabilities or mental health issues or elder

Those who are socially excluded because of cultural factors (e.g. religion, language barrier or health problems who might need encouragement to re-engage with their communities

Skills & Training Network champions equality. We celebrate local cultural diversity and promote a positive team working spirit. We alternatively offer every learner a peer mentor partner to monitor their progress and share the learning experience.

STN aims to educate, empower, inspire and train the needier individuals in our community; helping people to overcome barriers and improve their lives. Sharing this journey is a joyful and rewarding experience for all involved.

We get to know our clients well enough to tailor our programs to their needs and aspirations. By building rapport we develop strong working relationships based on friendship, trust and mutual respect.

We have a strong track record in dealing with vulnerable and marginalised people who face multiple barriers, often worsened by long term unemployment.

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