we believe that everyone should access justice when other routes to justice are being closed off.

Lately, STN witnessed an increase in the number of people who face different forms of discrimination and injustice such as women who are facing domestic violence and are not entitled to public recourse because of their legal status, some also suffer from unfair treatment by their employers; landlords; homelessness, etc.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we can provide you with initial advice on how to proceed.



STN supports our groups who are facing different forms of discrimination and injustice


These vulnerable groups desperately need the provision of legal advice aid and assistance. STN aims to tackle unmet legal needs.

STN has now worked with a group of professional solicitors, barristers, counsellor, qualified legal advisors and law centres who specialise in immigration, housing, and others to help our beneficiaries who face problems with housing, immigration, domestic violence, welfare rights, and others.

Through this partnership and cross-referrals help us to provide specialist and independent legal advice, law centres, advocacy, mediation, and representation services to our local community to protect and ensure the positive health and well-being of residents, clients, partners, and all staff.

We offer high-quality, personalised services that help our beneficiaries to achieve real improvements to their situations.

We will also have an appointed caseworker to provide essential specialist advice and other legal services with the help of dedicated volunteers.

Did you know STN has a dedicated Welfare Benefit Money Advice Team?

STN offers a range of person-centered and independent information, advice, and support services in form of surgeries, drop-in or appointment sessions to help you or members of your household who seek advice and assistance with all matters relating to social welfare issues including housing, welfare benefits, and money and debts employment, and immigration in person depending on individual circumstances, over the phone or online.

We can help you

  • To know what benefits you could get and how to claim and complete benefit application forms
  • To how your benefits will be affected if your circumstances change
  • To challenge a benefit decision or simply need to know how to deal with debts or manage on a budget the team can help you.
  • Help you to report changes in circumstances, address other issues such as transport costs, utility payments, access to a foodbank, and specialist services, i.e debt, immigration, and employment.
  • Benefit appeals – help with reviews and tribunal appeals
  • Casework – assistance for those at risk of eviction and one-to-one support. Advocacy for people to access the benefits they are entitled to
  • Assessment and advice on entitlements and claims
Employment rights

Employment rights violations can be varied. For example:

  • your employer may be refusing to pay you for hours you worked or denying you your annual leave
  • they may be refusing to give you a written contract or payslips.
  • you may not be receiving holiday or sick pay.
  • you could be sexually harassed at work, discriminated against, or bullied, verbally or physically abused.
  • you could be suffering injuries due to the nature of the work.

Although this is abusing your rights, it is unfortunately not uncommon.

Legal advice on family and immigration law
    • STN works in collaboration with law firms and other organisations to provide access to free initial legal advice, as well as access to the tribunal on welfare cases.
    • Our family law and immigration law surgeries run in partnership with external solicitors, provide legal advice every two weeks. We provide interpreters in various community languages and crèche for women accessing this service.
    • We provide generalist immigration information and advice on a range of areas
    • including Family Reunification. UK Citizenship. EU Settlement Scheme, Spousal Visas, And much more

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