Our Staff 

The teachers employed at Skills & Training Network are fully qualified in their chosen fields. We cover a wide range of academic and social subjects with a depth of experience that allows us to cater for every learner. We believe it is vital to tailor our courses to the learner’s needs in order to provide a complete learning experience.

The founders

2016-08-26-21-22-08Sue Halawa

The directors have worked with vulnerable groups and underachievers in London and have demonstrated tremendous know-how and determination in reaching the neediest learners, they are well aware of the difficulties, obstacles and barriers affecting marginalised groups in the local community.

STN was founded and led by trusted BAMER members of the local community and is manned by experienced by a group of and professional teachers, counsellors, consultants and career advisors with a combined 30 years’ experience of teaching, advising, skills assessment and human resource management.

Skills &Training Network is led by Managing Director Sue Halawa. Sue has a wealth of experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life and has built strong relationships with local Job Centre Plus advisors, Benefits advisors, voluntary organisations and other Community groups. Sue has extensive experience of working with under achievers, hard to reach groups. She is a qualified lecturer and assessor who is QTLS accredited, she has more than 16 years of experience in teaching, she has worked within a variety of different educational settings such as Haringey Adult learning service (HALS), Newham Community College, CONEL, HRC College, KIS Training, KMEWO, MTC Learning, Barnet and Southgate Colleges. She has a BA in English language and a Bachelor of Education BED, Introduction to Teaching L3 (PITLLS), level 3 Advanced Mathematics for Teachers, two DTTLS level 5 in teaching Mathematics, and English (ESOL), IAG L3 (Initial Advice &Guidance), A1 assessor certificate, Internal Verifier, Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship Combined with over 7 years project and management experience. Sue loves to teach and to help others develop, she has an enormous determination to reach

the vulnerable, the neediest; it is a mission which she is passionate about and which gives her tremendous amount of joy and rewarding feeling. Sue has been working in the employment support and training sector 16 years. Sue provides advice on business creation, and project management.

She also has experience in designing and delivering and assessing own programmes which are carefully designed around the learner’s needs, thoroughly planned within a specific time frame and outcome objectives. Sue is passionate about teaching and helping other’s develop, she has an enormous patients and determination to try to reach the vulnerable, the most needy; it is a mission which gives her tremendous amount of joy and a rewarding feeling. Within her career, she has identified a specific need in the sector and would like to do our best to address and fulfil this need and hopefully help to alleviate adult illiteracy and child poverty.


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