Community Support Activities

Build trust, encourage resilience, reduce isolation

STN was set up to serve the community and we take the responsibilities to help disadvantaged people in the local communities.

Who we support?

Our trustees, staff and volunteers come from the local community


-Ways to reach out:

We offer community services through home visits, drop-in services, day centers with guest speakers, over the telephone, STN social media group, STN What’s App groups, by email, via leaflet/ newsletter, mail outs and signposting.


Language provision:

English, Arabic, French, Urdu, Turkish and other languages.





What help and support you can get from us ?

We can help with:

  • 1:1 or group English Conversation sessions
  • Parenting
  • Counseling and advocacy
  • English Conversation clubs
  • Advice and guidance on employment, training, health, and wellbeing
  • Computer and Digital Skills
  • Confidence building sessions
  • Interpreting and translating
  • Mediation
  • Health issues and 1:1 Support session
  • Housing benefit/ income support/ tax credit
  • Managing finance.
  • Using the local community facilities i.e library
  • Available Government services
  • Civil rights and welfare entitlement
  • Any other bespoke services tailored to meet different individual needs

We offer  Community Services in the form of

Outreach-  Advocacy – IAG- Mediation- Peer Mentoring and Befriending


STN provides outreach programs to help vulnerable people who, for a variety of reasons, might not have access to mainstream services. We aim to promote Community Enhancement and create a fairer society for all. We know that disadvantaged people in the community feel detached from society; this can create various psychological issues which may lead to depression with its many negative repercussions.
We appoint volunteers who enjoy helping others and improving their community. We offer outreach over the phone, face to face, sometimes visiting people at home, or accompanying people to GP, hospital appointment, court, local authority housing and social work teams, deliver essential stuff to people who need immediate support. We also liaise with service providers on behalf of our beneficiaries and referring cases to appropriate specialist providers as required. We have multi-lingual staff who are fully trained in providing effective services, advising clients on which benefits can help them and how to deal with the Department for Work and Pensions, HMRC and local authority benefit offices. We also provide outreach to single parent’s mums especially destitute asylum seekers and refugees to learn the language, collect old supplies to kids in a homeless shelter, and etc. We conduct it in a group or one to one basis outreach support service.


Peer Mentoring and Befriending

We provide peer mentoring and befriending services because it is a mutually beneficial, purposeful relationship in which an individual gives his or her time to help another make changes in their life.

We aim to make a real difference for people who are struggling with the modern world’s many adversities.  We know that as we get older friends and relatives move on, loved ones pass away, our health can suffer and mobility problems make it hard to get out and about, stay in touch with people or form new friendships. This isolation inhibits communication, making it difficult to tell others that you are feeling lonely. We aim to combat loneliness

There are some statistics said that

  • Half of all UK citizens aged 75 and over live alone. 1 in 10, more than a million, people aged over 65 say they often feel lonely.
  • Half of our pensioners consider the television their main form of company.

We offer a specialist befriending project aimed at women from BAMER communities and new emigrants who are settling in the UK but find themselves marginalised and unable to identify with their new environment.

  • We offer Call in Time Telephone Befriending by our befriender will phone at agreed time for a chat
  • Face to face Befriending services; this often involve befriender to visit our beneficiaries in their home, perhaps for a cup of tea and a or accompanying them to an activity (such as a trip to a cafe or the theatre). In some cases, a volunteer may accompany the older person to occasional hospital or doctor’s appointments.

Participants are matched according to gender, language, ethnicity and the personal issues they need to address. A peer mentor can serve as a helping hand, a sounding board, and a referral service – providing support, encouragement, and information.  Skills & Training Network mentors are fully acquainted with our service policies; they can give support in developing ICT, English, Basic Skills, Employability Skills, and others,  etc.

Each Peer Mentoring program is unique and tailored to the needs of the trainee.  All STN  mentors are familiar with our rules and procedures and if unsure of the circumstances can direct the novice to someone in authority who can properly address their concerns.


Participants’ views about STN

Our beneficiaries enjoy the friendly, multicultural, and professional environment.

We achieved excellent success stories, positive and rewarding achievements for our participants, local communities. We have got lots of case studies to showcase our hard work to win the trust and confidence of every member that we help.


*STN educates, empowers, inspires and trains the needier individuals in our community; helping people to overcome barriers and improve their lives. Sharing this journey is a joyful and rewarding experience for all involved.

*We have a strong track record in dealing with vulnerable and marginalised people who face multiple barriers, often worsened by long term unemployment and they progressed to positive routes and become role models.


*We get to know our participants well enough to tailor our programs, to offer the right services to their needs and aspirations. By building rapport we develop strong working relationships based on friendship, trust and mutual respect.

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