Outreach programs provide social services to people who, for a variety of reasons, might not have access to mainstream services. They are usually carried out by non-profit, nongovernmental organisations with providers meeting those in need at their home locations.

There are four types of outreach situations:

  • domiciliary – undertaken at individual homes
  • detached – undertaken in public environments with targeted individuals
  • peripatetic – undertaken at public or private environments with organizations rather than individuals
  • satellite – undertaken at a dedicated site

Which may deliver:

  • Community events that occur in local venues or online
  • Awareness, skill-building, behavior-changing through lessons, activities or classroom supplements
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Direct mail, advertising, online marketing and public relations
  • Student or community-based contests and awards
  • Corporate or non-profit partnerships


Skills & Training Network Outreach services include:

  • Advising clients on health, child care, immigration, housing and welfare benefits related issues.
  • Accompanying clients to meetings with local community stakeholders such as: hospitals, local authority housing offices and social work teams.
  • Liaising with service providers on behalf of clients and referring cases to appropriate specialist providers as required.

We have multi-lingual staff who are fully trained in providing effective services, advising clients on which benefits can help them and how to deal with Department for Work and Pensions, HMRC and local authority benefit offices.


We provide advice on qualification for and implementation of:Sue close group

  • working tax credits
  • income support/ Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • housing benefit
  • council tax
  • child benefit
  • entitlement, employment and support allowance
  • personal independence payment
  • attendance and carer’s allowances
  • universal credit
  • state retirement pension

We are a small organisation which works closely with the local community. We are based in Edmonton but our Outreach team accept clients from all parts of North East London. If you would like to make a donation, please go to our contacts page for the relevant information.