Skills and Training Network (STN) offers a range of computer training courses. If you are new to computing we will teach you how a computer works and how to operate one with confidence – you will be able to access the internet, make documents and send and receive email. Embracing the latest technology will help you to keep in touch with friends and family and improve your handling of day-to-day personal and social activities. Our lessons range from beginner to advanced. We set specialist short and intensive courses to teach new skills or update your existing computer knowledge.

Our courses cover:Sue and four women

  • ABC computer
  • mouse and a keyboard
  • Microsoft Office
  • Word, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • touch typing
  • social digital media training
  • Ebay
  • E-commerce
  • internet security
  • other skills

All of STN’s computing classes are lead by friendly, professional tutors with long experience in IT fields. There are no formal entry requirements although a reasonable standard of English is necessary. Contact us for further information.