Family Learning and Parenting: Bring the whole family to join our family learning courses which encourage families to learn together to gain new skills and have fun in the process. Families include mothers, fathers, carers, grandparents or other adult relatives with up to two children each.

Activities include crafts, computers, dance, drama, keep fit, pottery and more.

Family Learning activities are run all year round at our North London centres, community venues and schools.

Parenting courses: We all face increasing demands nowadays as parents and can feel very isolated when dealing with the challenges of parenting. You are not alone. Our courses give you the opportunity to talk to other parents – sharing tips and practical advice.

Parenting courses encourage parents to communicate positively with their children. You will learn how to set boundaries and provide support for teenage children – helping them develop into responsible adults. We have a number of topic based courses that focus on specific aspects of parenting.

Dads have a special role to play and face different challenges and issues from mums. Our  ‘Dads Are Important’ module gives dads an opportunity to discover new ways to make a positive impact on their children’s lives.

Here are some of the parenting courses:

  • Anger Management for Parents
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Fun Fitness
  • Behaviour Management
  • Healthy Eating for Children
  • How Children Grow and Learn
  • Living in Extended Families
  • Managing money
  • Parenting from an Asian perspective
  • Dads are Important
  • Parenting for Young Mums
  • Positive Parenting
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Setting and Keeping Boundaries
  • Communication – Talking Together
  • Time for Teenagers

For up-to-date details of when and where courses are being offered, look at our online coursefinder.

Family Literacy, Language and Numeracy

These are FREE courses for wider family members and carers of school age and pre-school/ nursery children. We demonstrate numeracy and literacy curricula exactly as they are taught in schools. This will help you to support your children with their school work while you brush up your own English and Maths.

Family language courses are for parents and carers whose first language is not English. We find it beneficial for parents and carers to attend English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)lessons. To register for ESOL classes visit our online Courses page or drop in to our offices at the Edmonton Green Library.

If you work in a pre-school or school setting and are interested in one of these courses for your parents, please contact us.

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