(STN) is a dedicated ‘people organisation’. Everything we do is driven by relationships, and our desire to “help change lives to make lives better.”

Our vision is simple.

  • A comprehensive training provider, designed to help service users in every way, by providing education, training and careers advice and guidance all combined to help NEETs move to EETs.
  • To be a leading training & enterprise organisation delivering quality programmes and services across London with aim of helping people into education, employment and enterprise.
  • Essentially, STN will provide an attractive and inviting study center, full of friendly, supportive and experienced teachers, who are willing to serve any individual in the community.
  • This center will provide a comprehensive and vast array of services through educational and training providers, local libraries, job centers and career advice services.
  • Additionally we are also aiming to gain an excellent and reliable reputation within the local community. We believe that a training provider who cares about the service users will help deliver higher success rate, especially in aiding the most vulnerable and underrepresented group of individuals within the local area.
  • It is of utmost importance, that STN provides our service users and clients with high quality education and training services.
  • Lastly, our various educational and training programmes and vocational courses are designed and tailored to the needs of the learner by a highly qualified and experienced team of teachers with many years of experience within a variety of different educational/training settings, ensuring a comprehensive service.

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