SKILLS & TRAINING NETWORK (STN)  is dedicated to creating a working environment where equal opportunities to all learners, staff and employers become the norm.

At STN, we aim to eliminate any barriers and are thoroughly committed in ensuring there every individual is given equal opportunities regardless of race, religion and beliefs, sex, age, sexual orientation etc.

STN commonly addresses clients subject to discrimination and thus are fully qualified and equipped in helping individuals succeed regardless of their background.

At STN we frequently encourage and welcome people with disabilities and learning difficulties to participate in one of our training program. Each program can be altered in order to meet the individual’s needs. If you have a disability or learning difficulty.



• Correspond with the learner before, in order to decide the best course and the support needed to complete it.

• Assess your current capabilities and thus decide the areas to improve on for each individual.

• Ensure that the learner’s needs are satisfied continuously throughout the course to give the client the best possible service which can be provided.

Finally we will review the support we give on a regular basis, consequently deciding on a plan of action after each review.


STN is committed to ensuring that each and every individual on the training programmes are safe and protected from harm. In order to carry out this commitment, SNT will ensure:

• All our staff are fully trained in safeguarding customers including young people and vulnerable adults

• All visitors and staff from other organisations are appropriately monitored during visits toSTN premises

• All employers and work placement providers offer safe working environments to young people

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