Are you looking for job and you need help?

Are you looking for education, training or work and you are not sure which training program will best suit your circumstances?

You don’t possess a good and speculative CV and you need to develop your interview skills. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what steps you must take in order to improve your position and prospects.



Here at STN, we can assist you in making the choices best for your future by evaluating your career status, suggest and prioritise options and design a program aimed at moving you forward.

We definitely can help you to obtain qualifications, find work experience or start new career or business. Our information, advice and guidance services can help you decide what type and level of support you need to realise your special goals in life.

Our qualified career advisers will spend time to help you discover your potential, identify your needs and provide you with information and advice that will help get your career and education on track. We provide information, advice and guidance (IAG) when trainees apply for any of our courses. This ensures that they understand every aspect of the program and also acts as an informal induction.

We can help you by offering the following

IAG and Career Advice sessions cover the  following:

  • Your individual learning needs
  • Career options
  • How to find a job & job search
  • Complete job application forms
  • New skills training
  • Personal and social development
  • Develop self-motivational techniques
  • Alternative education options
  • Starting a business

 STN also can help you:

  • Create an impressive, professional winning CV
  • Prepare for job interviews – practice and expert tips in a mock interview
  • Become aware of your rights and responsibilities in the workplace
  • To apply for entitlements and complete the forms such as Universal Credit, child benefit, housing benefits, and other benefits

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