Our Beneficiaries

Our Success Stories

Our Objectives

We aspire to be “First class, First choice”


To strengthen the delivery of our  programmes and services to meet the needs of our client groups and to ensure that the quality is consistent.

To develop our programs and services to better support the communities and clients we seek to serve.

To strengthen our commitment to diversity and equality to ensure that our values are embedded in everything we do, and to promote a culture that values our staff, volunteers and clients.

To strengthen our reach across North London and pan-London to ensure the development and future of the organisation.

To maximise our resources and funds in the interests of promoting sustainable development, demonstrating corporate & social responsibility and ensuring the future of the organisation.

Our mission

Our mission is to help individuals, employers and our community to succeed by providing high quality education trainings, advocacy, mentoring, careers advice and guidance, outreach, job brokerage and projects to support young people and adults and to help them to make the most of their skills/ abilities and expand their aspirations in life.


Our Vision

Our visions are simple.

To transform people’s lives through empowerment, education, employment and enterprise and make the learning more convenient.

To be a leading training & enterprise organisation delivering quality programmes and services to fit local needs across London. Whilst maintaining professionalism and integrity at all times, we seek to understand the individual needs of our customers and staff, and can always be relied upon to ‘go the extra mile’ whenever circumstances dictate.


Who We Are?

STN is T/A of Skills and Training Network. STN is a not-for-profit grassroots and social enterprise organisation to transform people’s lives through empowerment, education, employment and enterprise and make the learning more convenient. We are a community based organisation, was set up in 2011 to support hard-to-reach disadvantaged Black, Asian, Other Minority Ethnic and Refugees (BAMER) with complex needs predominantly adult and young people from Turkish, Somali, Bangladesh, Asian, Arab and North African communities to take first steps to overcome barriers, develop a sense of belongings , and fulfil their potential. We have an established a long-term relationship of trust with people from the wider local community. We are a user-led and nurturing a community founded by a group of women of all ages and from many diverse cultures. STN is a growing fast owing to the confidence of our partners and beneficiaries.

We provide high-level education and training courses alongside support services, enabling adult learners to progress in their subject area and open up their employment opportunities. We believe we have a responsibility to invest in the communities we serve. STN is also a recognised educational and training centre by different awarding bodies such as City and Guilds, TQUK, Highfield, Gatehouse Awards, and others. We are committed to providing various bespoke and tailored training programs, career guidance, advocacy and pastoral support services opportunities to promote positive social change, enriching lives and local communities. We are also a recognised training centre by UKRLP that based in London (UK). We aim to transform lives through learning and education. We offer a variety of blended classroom and online learning and accredited courses. We are approved by various awarding bodies such as City and Guilds, TQUK, Gatehouse Awards, Highfield, CPD Accredited Centre and we are also working towards other accreditations to meet your needs and expectations to enable you to update and improve upon your skills and gain recognised certificates. We provide all the tools that you need to advance as a professional in your chosen profession. We are dedicated to Equal opportunities and learning should be providing and accessible to all students, regardless of their background or level of education. We treat all students and staff with respect and dignity. Our students’ reputation matters, which is why all of our online and classroom courses have been expertly designed and reviewed by qualified industry experts.

We provide various specialists accredited and non-accredited educational and vocational programmes such as computer training, functional English as a second language (ESOL), Functional Skills, employability skills, Career Advice and Guidance (IAG), advocacy, work placement/volunteering opportunities.

We are a dedicated ‘people’ organisation. Everything we do is driven by relationships, and our desire to ‘make things better.’

STN promotes inclusivity and equal opportunity in everything we do at all times.

Equal Opportunity

STN promotes inclusive and equal opportunity in everything we do at all times

We are dedicated to creating a working environment where equal opportunities to all learners, staff and employers become the norm.
At STN, we aim to eliminate any barriers and are thoroughly committed in ensuring there every individual is given equal opportunities regardless of race, religion and beliefs, sex, age, sexual orientation etc.STN commonly addresses clients subject to discrimination and thus are fully qualified and equipped in helping individuals succeed regardless of their background.At STN we frequently encourage and welcome people with disabilities and learning difficulties to participate in one of our training program. Each program and services can be altered in order to meet every individual’s unique needs. If you have a disability or learning difficulty. we aim to create new aspirations and a greater sense of social inclusion in the communities to develop learners’ personal, economic and social status and to enhance the level of service given to their customers and clients. This is reflected in the success of our learners and the quantifiable improvements and benefits for their employers.

We achieve this by:

  • Corresponding with the beneficiaries before, in order to decide the best course and the support needed to complete it.
  • Promoting cultural diversity, equality of opportunity and environmental responsibility create opportunity for all
  • Having a real sense of community and team spirit
  • Embracing everyone for the individual that they are assess your current capabilities and thus decide the areas to improve on for each individual.
  • Creating hope and give success to ALL learners and increase aspirations – irrespective of ability and individual learning needs.
  • Making people at the heart of everything that we do
  • Enhancing the life experience of young people and adults and help them expand their aspirations in life.
  • Designing and delivering unique solutions tailored to the individual to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.




Quality Assurance

STN maintains quality at the core of its delivery and strategy using the following

  • Set targets for quality standards and share them with all staff and providers
  • Monitor performance against local, regional and national benchmark figures
  • Produce an annual Self-Assessment Report and share it with staff and providers
  • Produce an annual Quality Improvement and Development Plan and share it with all staff and providers
  • Monitor progress towards actions identified in the Quality Improvement and Development Plan
  • Identify and share good practice across our service
  • Identify a designated member of the Management Team with overall responsibility for quality
  • Establish a Quality Improvement Group which will be responsible for monitoring performance within all aspects of the Quality Improvement Framework

We are committed to ensuring that each and every individual who is receiving our services or training programmes are safe and protected from harm. In order to carry out this commitment,

We will ensure:
 • All our staff are fully trained in safeguarding customers including young people and vulnerable adults

  • All employers and work placement providers offer safe working environments to young people.
promote social inclusion and economic prosperity through the provision of education and learning, and above all enhance the life experience of young people and adults and help them expand their aspirations in life.

Our Trustees

STN is a user-led and nurturing a community founded by a group of women of all ages and from many diverse cultures and over 2000 service users per year benefited from our services and courses.


Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall control and strategic direction of STN. They meet regularly to discuss, decide and review our strategies and policies and receive reports and updates from Executive Directors. Our trustees work for STN voluntarily to make sure we’re doing all we can to reach and improve the lives of people affected by disadvantages. STN was founded in 2011 and is run by a group of qualified professional teachers and advisors with a combined 60 years’ experience in teaching, skills assessment and human resource management.






Our staff

The teachers, advisors, advocates and other staff employed at STN are highly qualified with an array of teaching, advice, advocacy and experience to cater for the different individual’s needs by tailoring the services, trainings in relation to their needs and aspirations.

our staff and members speak different languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Banali, Turkish, Somali, Kurdish, French, Spanish, and different African Languages.

Around 20 volunteers (occasional and regular) are involved in supporting the organisation’s activities. Staff and volunteers take responsibility for day-to-day activities.




Sue Halawa

She is the co-founder for Skills and Training Network.  Skills &Training Network is led by Managing Director Sue Halawa. She has a wealth of experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life and has built strong relationships with local Job Centre Plus advisors, benefits advisors, voluntary organisations and other Community groups. She  has extensive experience of working with under achievers, hard to reach groups.Sue is a qualified lecturer, assessor and IQA who is QTLS  and QTS accredited, she has more than 20 years of experience in teaching, career advising and management.

Sue possesses the following qualifications;

* BA in English language and a Bachelor of Education BED;


*MA in Strategic Management and Leadership

*Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management For adult and Young people’s workforce. 

*Level 3 Diploma in Early Learning and Childcare (Early Years Educator)

*Level 4 Diploma in Career Information and Advice

*Qualified First Aid Trainer (also Train the Trainer)

*Level 4 Diploma in Career Information and Advice

*IQA Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Process and practise (QCF)

*Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid and First Aid at work (QCF)

*Level 3 Certificate In Assessing Vocational Achievement (QCF)

*level 5 additional diploma in Teaching English (ESOL) in the lifelong Learning Sector

* level 5 diploma in teaching certificate in teaching Mathematics (Numeracy) in the lifelong learning for adult numeracy specialist)

*Introduction to Teaching L3 (PITLLS),

and level 3 Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship Combined with over 11 years project and management experience and other CPD qualifications. She has been working in the employment support, career advising, and training sectors . She provides consultancy, advice on business creation, bid writing and project management.


Tasneem Pervaiz

She is the co-founder for Skills and Training Network, she also is the chair for Skills and Training Network. She is a lecturer, assessor and IQA. She has over 30 years’ experience in teaching and management lots of different programs.

She possess BA in History, PGCE, QTLS, CELTA, Level 4 in IQA (Internal Quality Assurance), A1 Assessor and other qualification and various CPD trainings. She is been working as lecture in lots of colleges and community organisations such Newham Council.She is very passionate in helping the community. She has a strong links with Asian Communities and she speaks Urdu as well. 



    Offices and operation; STN operates in four boroughs Enfield, Islington, Haringey and City of Westminster

    Our Values

    STN is underpinning key values and beliefs in all its activities that promote the following;

    Inclusiveness and Respect for all

    We are a warm, welcoming and approachable organisation in everything we do. We strive to embed all aspects of equality, diversity, inclusive and care for every individual who is excluded or marginalised and is willing to learn and keen to achieve full potential regardless of social, economic or personal circumstances. We aim to provide training and support services to cater for every learner while resources permit.

    Visionary, inspirational and innovation approach to learning and integration

    We believe the general health and wellbeing of local communities is crucial. Therefore, we engage with local organisations, services and community groups regarding delivery of innovative and quality training, mentoring, services and employment opportunities, whilst always striving for continual improvement of our work. STN is striving to create a hub in the local community and one-stop shop to provide comprehensive training to help every customer in every way.

    Creative response to beneficiaries’ unique need, also employers and local community.

    we believe that there are always new and innovative ways to solve problems and involve our beneficiaries in all our programs and activities that address their issues. This is can be achieved by listening to and respecting the views of our service users, stakeholders including staff, employers and the wider community.

    We encourage our staff to keep their pulse on community needs’ and bring their ideas to their peers and supervisors for program development or adaptation.

    Transparency, accountability and openness

    Our accountability is underpinned by honesty and transparency. We believe that STN must be an organisation that demonstrates the highest degree of accountability to our members, beneficiaries, our funders and community at large. We maintain quality at the core of our delivery strategy.

    Collaboration and Partnership

    People are at the heart of everything that we do.

    STN believes in teamwork and collaboration with stakeholders to define issues, and address problem and meet local communities’ needs and play vital role in creating opportunity for all.

    Prevention is better than cure

    Based on our experience we know that issues faced by individuals are multifaceted and interlinked, that is why, through our holistic approach, we are able to prevent future crisis.

    STN works with individuals from different communities, identifying needs, issues and providing holistic and preventative support, advice and advocacy services to avoid future crisis, increase access to other services, promotes independence, integration and community cohesion, builds resilience and improve overall quality of life. 

    Celebrating excellence

    We will ensure success for all our learners and increase aspirations and celebrate success and excellence.

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